Welcome to HappyWeed (PC edition)

This is the official home of the open source initiative for Happy Weed (PC edition)!
The game is being developed on Source Forge and I hope for collaboration and participation from any interested parties.


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About the Game:

Happy Weed is a Mac based side scroller in the genre of "pac-man" developed in the late 90's. Since then no real work has been done on a PC port - until now. If you get a chance to play the Mac version you will instantly notice the game's great adult humor and psychedelic game features. We hope to not only make the PC version true to the original but to also expand upon some of the originals features using the latest in 3D graphics technology.

About the Development:

Happy Weed PC is being developed using Java and the Java 3D libraries. The in game graphics and animation will be modeled in Alias Maya 7.0.